Daadal image

111 min

Language: Urdu with English Subtitles

Year: 2023

Category: Action

Release date: 21 Apr 2023

Director: Abu Aleeha

Music: Ali Allahditta & Bilal Allahditta

Actors: Shamoon Abbasi, Adnan Sha, Maira Khan, Mohsin Abbas Haider & Sonya Hussain

The plot

Daadal is set in Lyari – a small, densely populated, and infamously violent town in the biggest city of Pakistan – Karachi. Daadal is the criminal mastermind who calls all the shots in the murky underworld of Lyari. Haya, an assassin in the shadows, happens to bring herself and her people into confrontation with Daadal. In the events that unfold, darker truths come to light as it becomes increasingly evident that they are all merely pawns in a much bigger game.

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